Request for Proposals

Northeast Investment Cooperative (NEIC)
Tax Preparation & General Accounting Services


Services Requested:

NEIC is looking for a partner to:

1.     Complete an “annual review” of financial statements, including a report of findings to the Board of the Cooperative

2.     Prepare appropriate annual federal and state filings (including any necessary extension forms) with the Internal Revenue Service and Minnesota Department of Revenue.  The filings will include all necessary schedules and a resource to provide occasional advice on specific accounting treatment.

About NEIC:

The Northeast Investment Cooperative (NEIC) is a for-profit, community investment cooperative that allows residents of Minnesota to invest financially to collectively buy, rehab, and manage commercial and residential property in Northeast Minneapolis neighborhoods. 

We believe that by investing patient capital, actively recruiting local businesses to occupy our property, and supporting those businesses as they grow and thrive, we can bring transformative change to Northeast Minneapolis, one building at a time.

Our members share a desire to address pockets of disinvestment and vacancy in our community, and recognize that by pulling together and sharing risk we can do together what none of us could do alone.  

Our website at will provide you with additional information about our organization and our goals.

NEIC History:

NEIC was founded by a small group of community members who were tired of looking at poorly used property in their neighborhood and waiting for traditional developers to fix it.  So they decided to do something about it.  They envisioned a way for community members to become owners and investors in a real estate development cooperative that would buy and rehab properties in their community. 

In November of 2011, NEIC was incorporated as a cooperative under Minnesota Statutes Chapter 308A.  The year ended with a group of 39 founding members willing to go out on a limb to change their community. 

Read more about NEIC’s history on our website at: Our Story

Staff and Board of Directors:

NEIC is volunteer based and has no paid staff. 

The business and affairs of the Cooperative are governed by an elected Board of Directors.  Directors are elected to staggered terms, such that approximately one-third of the directors shall be elected each year. If any elected director shall cease to be a member, his or her office shall be automatically vacated.

Other Information:

Special consideration will be given to organizations with strong ties to the Northeast Minneapolis neighborhoods.


NEIC uses QuickBooks Online as our accounting program.  Monthly financial statements are prepared by our volunteer bookkeeper (an accountant by trade and education).  Prior year’s tax returns have been prepared by Liberty Tax in NE Minneapolis.



Proposals should be submitted to the Finance Committee via email at no later than September 30, 2017. 

Proposals will be evaluated by the NEIC Finance & Governance Committee at their meeting on October 16th.  They will make a recommendation to the NEIC Board for review at their meeting on October 23rd.  All parties that submit a proposal will receive a written response no later than November 3rd.


Responses submitted should include, but not limited to, the following:

  1. A profile of your firm, including areas of practice and geographical locations;
  2. Proposed scope of work;
  3. Copy of Client Agreement;
  4. Documentation of Licenses and Insurance;
  5. Other similar clients, to be used as references;
  6. Proposed fee schedule for services noted above, detailed by service;
  7. A copy of your firm’s most recent peer review report;
  8. Other information that will demonstrate the skills and experience of your organization;


Specific questions may be addressed to:

Brandon Hallstrand, NEIC Board Member and Finance Committee Chair

C: 612-361-5056