Join the Movement.

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Why Join?

• The cooperative model is an innovative vehicle for community investment with many advantages over traditional models.

• A cooperative operates democratically on a one-member, one−vote basis, so that all members have equal voting power.

• A cooperative is a for profit business that may provide members with a modest return on their investment.

• Businesses are welcome to join too and are invited to actively participate in a community that is invested in buying local.

• By working together we can attract new and exciting new businesses to Northeast Minneapolis.

Share Types.


  • $1,000/share

  • Required to become member

  • Open to all Minnesota residents age 18+ (joint memberships permitted) and businesses

  • Allows member to vote for board members and bylaw changes

  • Eligible for dividend and capital account allocations

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  • $500/share

  • Open to current NEIC members (currently residing in Minnesota) during active project fundraising

  • Preferential dividend payments at 2% when allocated by board

  • Current members may purchase C shares here.


  • $5000/share

  • Open to current NEIC members (currently residing in Minnesota) during active project fundraising

  • Preferential dividend payments at 4% when allocated by board

  • Current members may purchase D shares here.

Become a Member brochure.jpg

Before You Join

NEIC encourages anyone interested in becoming a member to start by reading through this website to learn more about NEIC and the bylaws and articles of incorporation below.  Potential members should understand that they are making a long-term patient investment by joining the co-op.  NEIC relies on these investments from its members to fund future projects.  

Please feel free to check out our Annual Reports which provide more information on financials and member growth. 

An A-Share Information Statement is available on request for prospective members which includes a description of NEIC, financial disclosures, and statement of risks.  Please request this through the contact page above.   

How to Join

We offer two ways to become a member of NEIC. 

  • Online Membership Agreement - Complete an online version of the Membership Agreement and either request an invoice to pay for your share electronically or mail a check for the $1,000 membership share to P.O. Box 18082, Minneapolis, MN 55418.


  • Mail In Membership Agreement - Complete our Mail In Membership Agreement below and mail it to P.O. Box 18082, Minneapolis, MN 55418, along with your check for the $1,000 membership share. If you would prefer to deliver your form in person, please email to make arrangements.

Informal payment plans are available (at no additional cost) if you'd like to split your membership payment over months or quarters. Please contact to request arrangements.

Not Ready Quite Yet? Then Pledge.

If you would like to join NEIC but need more time to purchase the share, you may complete our pledge card.  Pledged members are welcome to attend all meetings and participate on committees, but cannot vote or serve on the board until the full membership share is paid.

Additional Investments

C-shares ($500) and D-shares ($5000) are open now for existing members (residing in Minnesota) wishing to invest further in NEIC's current project. If you haven't received a Prospectus Statement yet for these shares, please e-mail to request one before purchasing C or D shares. Receiving this prospectus is required before purchase.